Testimonials and Clinical Trials

Elize vdL (Sciatica)
This machine is wonderful – many thanks for your suggestion and service.


Roger F (Lower Back Pain)
Haven’t had to use my back brace since getting your machine


Janet R (Fibromyalgia)
Very helpful


Babs (Back Pain)
used for my back pain and was standing straight in 2 days.


Keith S (Fibromyalgia) 
Definitely works. Doing it as part of my PT.


Verni O ( Back Pain)
Use it a lot


Carolyn V (Neck Pain)                                                                                
The Multitens model really helps me I use it most evenings. You are welcome to use me as a reference.


2005 clinical trial for chronic neck pain

Jane P (Chronic Pain) 
These machines are a godsend. If I could buy a hospital one I so would!! I felt like I was floating on a cloud!!


Terry M (Back Pain)
This works


Tanya A (Incontinence) Continence model
I have been using for 2 weeks. now off bladder control tabs. how good is that!!! I feel like another person more confident, happier. Can do more. what took so long to introduce a product like this.


A Meta-Analysis of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve  Stimulation for Chronic Low Back Pain.



Kevin W (Back Pain) 
Keeps me mobile, wouldn’t be without it, but bulky and hard to conceal.


Dr Jan S (Pain Clinic)
I use TENS extensively and recommend Neurotrac to patients who find it difficult to come to my practice

John S (Fibromyalgia) 
Worked, just moved and lost it, once this flare has cleared a bit I will start searching some boxes
2011 Trigeminal Neuralgia Clinical trial

Lyn  K (Tighten up) Continence model
I was a bit worried that my muscle tone was not as firm as it should be. I have one child, I was testing by putting one finger inside and trying to squeeze, and I coudn,t really feel any tightening. I have been using this system for about 2 weeks and already I feel a lot of difference. I highly recommend it to all women who are not confident with their sex life or have had children.


Johan A (Back Pain) 
THIS WORKS!!! It is hard to carry around though, a tad clunky with a long cord. however, it does the job that no other could do.


Annie S (Trigeminal Neuralgia)
Works great with the smaller pads, am now sleeping throught the night               


Decreased Opioid Utilization and Cost at One Year in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients Treated withTranscutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS).


Cliff F (Muscle Rehabilitation) MultiTens model
I have been using a TENS/EMS Combo Unit on my patients as part of their physical therapy program. Not only do my patients benefit from the TENS pain relief, the EMS has really helped them improve mobility, get them stronger, and simply improve the quality of lives. The patients benefit by having the ability to use the unit at home.
2011 Effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation  and therapeutic exercise on quadriceps activation in people with tibiofemoral osteoarthritis.

Claudia L (Back Pain) 
Use it often

2011 The effect of TENS on pain, function, depression, and analgesic consumption in the early postoperative period with spinal surgery patients.



Felicity L (Fibromyalgia) 
my tens is my best friend could not live with out it. helps me with some of the deep pain


Paula (Scaitica)
My Chiropractor told me to buy a Multitens machine from you


Amanda S (Chronic Pain) 
I know it sounds crazy with all of the STRONG pain meds that I am on but sometimes this is the little bit of extra that I need to be able to handle the pain and still be alert. Without it Id have to choose between dealing with pain or being semiconscious. Being a mom thats not a choice! It also helps on nights when all the other meds just dont. I don’t use it all the time but it really does work when needed.


Kohn J (Fibromyalgia) 
Worked with chiropractor and she used your machine Did receie relief frm stiffness and pain so would like to buy one.
2011 Effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and interferential currents (IFC) in patients with nonspecific chronic low back pain: randomized clinical trial.


Anne T (Incontinence) Continence model
Easy to use and very effective. No worries in forgetting to do the exercises now. Already seeing and feeling the benefits. Highly recommend to anyone who suffers from bladder weakness.


Keith M (Muscle building) SportsXL model
I have had very good reults with EMS. I am gaining both size and strength with it. I boxed for 10 years so I am likely gaining back what I lost over time.
2011 Effects of burst- type transcutaneous electrical nerve  stimulation on cervical range of motion and latent myofascial trigger point pain sensitivity.



Debora (Incontinence) Continence model
I had noticeable results within about two weeks. Easy to use, if a little strange at first, but once you get used to it you can go about your daily life whilst ‘plugged in’. I’d recommend this to anyone with a weak pelvic floor.


Lize K (Muscle stimulation) Biokineticist I have been using NeuroTrac in my practice for over 3 years and recommend the SportsXL to patients who require a long term treatment plan.


Chris L (Chronic Pain)

It does help some and I use mine on a regular basis


2011 Differential frequency effects of strong non painful transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on experimentally induced ischemic pain in healthy human participants.


Stephen S (Back Pain) 
I did used to have a little tens machine which worked amazingly but when I moved I know longer had access to it as it was my mums


Trevor L (Muscle rehab)
I bought a tens-ems combo unit after I dislocated my shoulder for rehabilation. This works just like the ones at the Doctors Office. I would totally recommend this item!


Ron J (Chronic Pain) 
Helps with back pain


Donald S (Chronic Pain) 
too new to this to tell much, does make me forget about the pain for a while


Chris V (Chronic lower Back Pain)
Used your machine every day for two weeks and am pain free for the first time in five years.


Alex J (Muscle Sengthening)
Your sportsxl works great, i couldn’t climb up the coppie before now it’s a breeze. You are welcome to use me as a reference anytime


2011 Adjusting pulse amplitude  during transcutaneous  electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) application produces greater hypoalgesia.



Beth M (Fibromyalgia) 
Love my TENS unit!!! My just broke so I need to replace it. Good thing I have had it so long that insurance will replace it no problem at this point. At least I hope so.
2010 Are intra-articular corticosteroid injections better than conventional TENS in treatment of rotator cuff tendinitis in the short run? A randomized study.


Natalie F (Chronic Pain) 
use it all the time. going to be getting one implanted on my bladder as soon as my insurance quits screwing with me. it sucks having to jump through loopholes to find something that helps tremendously.


Etienne U (Fibromyalgia) 
Good for neck pain. I have spinal stenosis in C5.


Andries V (Phantom Limb Pain)
This machine has changed my life i use it every day and am virtually off pain meds. You are welcome to use me as a reference


Conrad F (Muscle Building)
I am a personal trainer and I have been using a TENS/EMS combo unit consistently for the last year. I use it as a muscle builder, toner, and muscle massager. I also use the TENS device to manage any aches and pains I may have.
2010 Reduced analgesic effect of acupuncture-like TENS but not conventional TENS in opioid-treated patients.


Linda H (Tighten up) Continence model
After reading the reviews on the net i was very unsure if this device actually worked or not, after having two big children my sex life seemed to be less pleasurable, although my hubby still enjoyed it. i decided to buy one praying that it would help me restore my sex life. After a week of buying it and using it 3 times a day, and i can honestly say i feel i big diffrence
in my pelvic floor muscles. I would definitely recommend buying this product.
2011 Effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and interferential currents (IFC) in patients with nonspecific chronic low back pain: randomized clinical trial.



Robbin N (Fibromyalgia) 
I love my TENS machine when I’m feeling achey. I just hook up to my trigger points and it helps me relax.


Shaun (Back Pain)
I have chronic back pain from lifting heavy patients as a paramedic for over 18years. I purchased a tens/ems combo unit 6 months ago and it works great,I have had physio injections etc but this blocks the pain receptors.
Samantha B (Cellulite)
ems works i noticed a difference after 3 weeks


Pat W (Fibromyalgia) 
I love my tens!
2010 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on acupoints relieves labor pain: a non-randomized controlled study.


Tom L (Fibromyalgia) 
really good on my hips


Clive G (Back Pain) 
Very helpful if you don’t overuse it. When you use it too much the body gets used to it and it loses its effectiveness
2010 Deciphering the role of endogenous opioids in high-frequency TENS using low and high doses of naloxone.


Margie P (Incontinence) Continence model 
I really want to get this sorted and have read a lot about a Stage 1 prolapse. The pelvic floor is incredibly important – have been doing exercises for a year but wanted more improvement. This peice of equipment has been a revalation/ I wish I had had it a year ago. So far 2 weeks in, I can feel improvement – long may it continue. Do not hesitate for a second – get one immediately!!


Kreshni Z (Chronic Pain) 
works to help on those really bad days


Liam M (Arthritis) 
Have the portable unit that is great to decrease muscle spasms.


2010 Analgesic efficacy of TENS therapy in patients with gonarthrosis. A prospective, randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind study.



Lyn L (Chronic Pain) 
Love! My portable unit. It’s a life saver.


Kirsty P (Sciatica)

I use my multitens every day and could not do without it


Lorrain J (Back Pain) 
Love love love my portable tens unit.


Jill (Incontinence) Continence model
I am very pleased and will recomend this device to all my friends!
2010 Primary care randomized clinical trial: manual therapy effectiveness in comparison with TENS in patients with neck pain.



Kulim M (Fibromyalgia) 
I will put this on the lumbar of my back in the morning when I get up, I am so stiff and when I sit for a long pieriod of time my tail bone feels like its on fire. This helps alot.


Corne E (Chronic Pain) 
Used during physical therapy after rotator cuff surgery. I bought one for home use. It has helped.
2010 Pregabalin and transcutaneous electrical  nerve stimulation for postherpetic neuralgia treatment.


Isaac S (Chronic Pain) 
The TENS works when I wear it. It is a great thing. Before I found a medication that worked for me, this was my only hope for survival. No side effects…


ChrisS (Chronic Pain) 
Bought one and use it most everyday


2010 Long-term TENS treatment improves tactile sensitivity in MS patients.



Philippa P (Fibromyalgia) 
If things get super bad and meds aren’t doing it, this is an added boost for a while.


Wendy D (Fibromyalgia) 
Used this at the physical therapist. Loved it. Will be asking doctor for rx for one next visit


Paul P (Back Pain) 
immediate relief for a little bit right after use…i try and do it every other day for 30 minutes
2009 Does the use of TENS increase the effectiveness of exercise for improving walking after stroke? A randomized controlled clinical trial.



Ken W (Back Pain) 
Keeps me mobile, wouldn’t be without it, but bulky and hard to conceal.


Mariette L (Back Pain) 
I love this !