Ronald Melzack: Pain Pioneer

Ronald Melzack, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, revolutionized our understanding of human pain with the Gate Control Theory of Pain and the McGill Pain Questionnaire, now used worldwide.

The NeuroTrac MultiTens

Over twenty years of research and development by Verity Medical Ltd UK brings you the NeuroTrac™ MultiTens a revolutionary design that gives you the power to manage and reduce consistent or recurring pain.

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MultiTens Tens Machine, using the latest technology, software and engineering the Neurotrac MultiTens Tens machine has two completely separate programmable channels feeding four electrodes with thirteen preset programmes for TENS and four for NMS, it also has three completely customizable programmes giving you endless options to control your pain with tens machine. All the programmes that come with the MultiTens Tens machine have been especially developed by Verity Medical ltd UK after years of research and give astounding results.

The advantage of two completely separate programmable channels is that you can run High frequency (pain gate control) low frequency (endorphin release) and two different TENS modalities at the same time making the MultiTens Tens machine the most advanced machine for pain relief available today from tens machine.

The pain relieving results you will obtain using the Neurotrac Multitens Tens Machine will astound you, for most people pain relief is instantaneous. The Neurotrac Multitens Tens machine is SGS,UKAS,NHS and CE approved and is the most widely recommended TENS machine by healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom.

Multi-Tens gives you back the power to manage and reduce constant or recurring pain and as it is small and portable you can use it anywhere for a number of painful conditions.

Use the TENS programmes for:

Use the EMS/MNS programmes for :

What is TENS ?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a drug free method of controlling acute and principally long term intractable pain. Very mild safe electrical impulses in exact wave forms are transmitted through the skin via surface electrodes which modify the body’s pain perception and dependent on settings induces the release of endorphin which is the body’s own natural pain killer.

There are millions of small nerve fibres throughout the body and it only requires a few impulses to produce chronic pain. In addition to small fibres which allow the sensation of pain to be felt, the body is also made up of larger diameter nerve fibres. These larger nerve fibres transmit less unpleasant sensations such as touch or warmth assisting us to form an impression of our environment. Stimulating the larger nerve fibres using a Tens machine has the effect of inhibiting the transmission of pain along the smaller nerve fibres to the spinal cord.
(‘Pain gate theory’ Prof. R Melzack and Prof. R D Wall)

Numerous clinical trials and papers have been written over the past 25 years regarding the effectiveness of a Tens machine for pain treatment and some recent trials 2010-2011 suggest that longer treatment times approximately one hour per session and slightly higher intensity settings ( comfortable but can be felt ) produce even better results with tens machine.

What is EMS/NMS ?

Neuromuscular Stimulation has been used for many years to stimulate muscle and nerve fibres to treat a number of muscle and nerve related conditions, and over the last 30 years numerous clinical trials and papers have been written regarding its effectiveness.

Neuromuscular Stimulation is increasingly understood by therapists and Doctors. There is a better understanding of the mechanisms which exist between nerves and muscles that makes it possible to stimulate the neuromuscular system with precise electrical signals. The Neuro trac Multitens Tens Machine offers full control of pulse widths, rates, ramp up times, Work/rest cycles as well as alternating or synchronous application if two channels are being applied.

People with heart disease a history of epilepsy or during pregnancy should seek medical advice before using Tens or Ems/Nms.